The Outline

The outline.png

For September, I had pretty much taken a break from my book. I had decided to do Story A Day again, and in doing so, I found an awesome writing community. I have missed them so much already this week. I had been experimenting with parts of my novel such as dialogue and trying to think of scenes differently. So while I was on my mini-break also because my character had ended up in places, I was not sure they should be. I am thinking of starting the whole book over.  

The story is not leading down the path I want it to anymore. One minute we are all good things were sunshine and roses, then people are hunting each other down and characters I did not plan on are showing up out of the woodwork literally! There is an explanation and an answer, I had no plan or guidance to get me to the right place. I am good at talking circles and going on adventures when I write things, but when I speak, I am generally linear. Well, some of you may disagree. Lol. I decided to pants my book, which means I fly by the seat of my pants, and it just goes whatever way the wind blows. If I had done outlining then I would probably be closer to my final destination instead of standing still at the moment. Yes, in this case, I should have listened to my mother. It is okay though because it is a process and one that I love!

This October I decided to follow through with an outlining guide because I want to finish the first draft of my book. I have been researching, and since I have found not having an outline got me in a mess, I will be attempting to plan this year. I found an author by the name of Kristen Martin through one of my you-tubing adventures and decided to use her course to outline my book. She is someone fun to watch on youtube and is a self-published author getting it done. The course has not been overly complicated as it is a self-study and it has links to the various videos. It did make me really think about what I was trying to say with my book and has been giving me a more precise outline of where to go. It lasts for the four weeks of October and then I will start Nanowrimo on November first starting my novel over again is the thought at this point. 

I do enjoy this planning part a lot and hope I will enjoy the rewrite just as much giving my characters a do-over in actions and names. It is strange to me still how things can happen in a book you didn’t expect. I just hope one day by readers will find it just as exciting. 

I encourage you to write the books and do the creative things you never thought you were good at. You will mess up and fail as I have done. However, it is so freeing to do something I love and to enjoy it. I wish this passion had been as active in my early years, but the outline for my life was not as defined as I thought it would be then. 

I think it is why we should have an outline for life or goals. I have always had a few goals floating around in my head. It took me a long way to get where I am.  However, I had always found myself more satisfied when I had a plan for my life even if it changes. At times we all need guidance from God the ultimate plan maker for our lives! So get some paper or an app and start making plans to be creative in your life. Let the artsy person out!