The 30 Something Goes to Camp

I remember a few years back people were surprised when I said I had never been camping….who I am I kidding they are still surprised. I guess they think I am really missing out on nature and other things. It seems normal to me to not be the camping type. I grew up on a farm and our work was always outside in all types of weather no matter the temperature. We would spoil ourselves by being inside when we did get a vacation. I am not saying that every farmer in the area has the same point of view as me I’m sure there are many that do go camping. It was a good excuse for me, however, to limit my time with being around bugs and snakes. This year I am camping but once again it will be indoors. I am excited!

I have started the month of July off with a big bang and I don’t mean fireworks! The relaunch of my blog has happened and I have I signed up for Camp National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). This will be my second year participating in camp because I did not know it existed until a couple years ago. 

What is the camp about?

The camp is a great way to challenge myself as a writer and to try to connect with a community of writers. The writer picks the project they would like to work on, and the goal they would like to accomplish by July 31st. It is great!  This website gives me the opportunity to track my goal by using minutes, hours, lines, pages, and words. The project can be a revision, new project, poetry, short stories, script, and nonfiction.

The camps sections are held yearly in April and September. The regular NaNoWriMo is in November. The November session has less flexibility than the April and July camp. The writers in November are grouped together with people in your region of the world. November’s goals are the same for all 50,000 words. It has been difficult for me to keep my daily writing momentum in November but I am planning on being a planner this year to see if it will change my progress. If you would like to be my writing buddy my handle on the site is emeraldlove. 

Every year for camp I had chosen to be with people who have similar goals. There was the option to pick a group of people my own age and also to be put in just a random cabin. The campers were given the option to host my own cabin and invite other campers to it. I am not brave enough to host my own cabin yet.  I would recommend doing cabins because talking with people while trying to write has been helpful for me. Since I have taken up writing again in conjunction with my full-time job it can be isolating at times. I have longed for friends interested in writing and faith.  

In the cabins, people can talk to others around the world and they also encourage each other. Many of the campers share what is going on in their lives and about their projects. This year I was lucky enough to find a Christian cabin and it has been wonderful to read all their posts. I have not been much of a talker this year. 

I set my goal this year to 30 hours after attempting to do word count first. I am used to word count goals but quickly realized editing has been more about time than words. I have been just prompt writing to get my creative juices going about once a week. I have loved going on Pinterest to find writing prompt by image or words. I have a book I have been working on during the weekends and moments I have to spare. 

My head has been overflowing with plot ideas and dialogue which was one reason I had turned to camp to help me get some of these ideas out on paper and do something with them. I have continued to do as many online writing groups so I can to keep perseverance going and continue on in my writing. 

Camp resets my focus to the writing I need to get done and this year I am focused on editing. No, it will not be the number one priority (Jesus is hello!) but writing has become a part of who I am. The truth is I love writing, but I took a ten-year break from it due to unforeseen circumstances like graduate school and single parenthood. 

I am happy to be writing again and please hang tight with me while I dust off the cobwebs and create a new voice that sounds much different than the one of my former life.

Thank you,