A Taste of My Book

A Taste of My Book.png

Hello everyone! I would just like to share with you an excerpt from my book. Many of you don’t know about my book, but the best way to describe it is a cross between X-Men, Shoah, and modern society. It is not edited nor complete, but I just thought I would share.

From the main character:

The end of my freedom did not enter with cannons and guns in a blaze of glory. In fact, it was just like any other day in my life. It was a chilly November night when the fog rose out of the valleys thick as smoke, and the cars glistened in the mist as I drove home. It was quiet when the end of my freedom came. 

My freedom ended with a vote, a vote I had made, and I did not know the outcome of. The end of my freedom came with a pen and piece of paper. The end of my freedom came knocking into my dreams, and into my nightmares, it crept in silently. 

The end of my freedom was in a camp with barbwire high as the eye could see. I was starved and beaten because of my belief.

I’m in a camp now because the people of social media decided it was time for survival of the fittest. 

We lost our compassion and empathy for one another because the agenda was more important.

The end of my freedom was in the hands of my friends, family, and millions of strangers. They all dictated when the end of my freedom would come. The beginning was the end of my freedom. 

This is from a young adult novel I am in the process of writing. It is the first of many books to come out of my hands and on to a screen. I think most of you will enjoy it when it is finished.

I hope all of you are following your creative dreams. I hope you are giving yourself a real chance to be the person you were born to be. 

Okay, that is all I am going to share today, sorry it is short as I need to get back to writing, but I will ensure it is not the end for this character or the faith she comes to find in later chapters.