Up The Mountain

Up The Mountain.png

I gripped the door handle as tightly as possible, while the truck continued up the mountain. There was no guard rail around the road that was leading us up the hill. This mountain was scary to me because I did not like heights. It was hard not to look out to the hundreds of trees in awe of all the things God had made.

 These tall, healthy trees surround us as we continued up the mountain. There were two other people in the car talking back and about various things. My mind was focused on both the beauty and fear that enveloped my world. I had never been to the mountains before and even though we were allowed to see the top of the tree we were longing to see in many ways words fall short when trying to describe this mystical place. 

Going up a mountain makes me think of the mountains we encounter in life. I think sometimes these places are hard to climb; sometimes our endurance has to be built up to continue to rise with God where ever he is taking us. I believe God stops us along our path from time to time so we can get used to the air around us. Most I have spoken with talk about mountains in a negative light, but after being on a real mountain and spiritual, I would say the climb and fear are worth it. 

It is a fantastic experience when God takes me up a spiritual mountain in my life. I become so consumed with my journey with God that there was nothing else happening in my life. The connection I had with God was so deep and real I couldn’t imagine ever wanting anything more in my life. 

I love these mountain experiences to me; it is like being on cloud 9 or something. I am just full of love, hope, and encouragement. I want to be walking every day all around on his mountain my whole life! Every minute standing on the cliff of God and feeling his presence. 

Exalt the Lord our God, and worship at his holy mountain; for the Lord our God is holy! Psalms 99:9 

As exciting as it to be on the hill of God I find I do not always stay there. In fact, in the day to day life, I see sometimes I do not quite get the experience I was hoping for. 

My story was true about going up the mountain in the car, but the fact is we did not get to go to the top of the hill. We got to a higher point, and they needed us to put chains on the truck to go any further, and the chains were at home. 

I think honestly I live a lot of my chains at home and forget to take them when I meet with God. I leave them at home because frankly, I don’t want to carry them to God. I tell you what though God will call them out to you because you are not giving everything to him. He does not want you to even have chains, and God will clear the ice out of the way so you can go straight up to the mountain top with Him. He loves us that much every day, every minute, and all the time.

So, now when I climb the mountain to God, I sing this beautiful song.